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Vulnerable? hell yeah!

Just to be clear, we are ALL vulnerable, the whole world is, so what to do?

Not long ago I wrote about my clients being the kind of women you want by your side in the apocalypse - resourceful, creative, smart and wickedly funny. Now is your time to use your emotionally and socially intelligent voices, your big hearts and your military scale organisation and communication skills to help the village through.

I've worked with job insecurity, 30 years of freelancing, I can project manage just about anything and grew up around intensive care units and emergency retrieval... yesterday I realised - I've got this! I hope this read will give you some practical ideas for managing the sheer volume of unknowns in your life and help you get to - I've got this!

When you are vulnerable it is important to recognise what is in and what is out of your control.

Make two lists - IN and OUT - put the out of your out of control list away, keep it in the freezer with your tupperwares of bolognaise in readiness for the apocalypse ;) . Now get going on prioritising the things that are in your control.

Restrict your news feeds and be brutal with notifications, playing the numbers game every day is not good for mental health.

Clear is kind.

Now more than ever is the time to connect honestly, everyone is too god damn vulnerable to play politics and sub-text. Allowing people to talk about and express their feelings safely is really really important right now.

Harnessing your social and emotional intelligence is increasingly important for finding the opportunities. Slow down your thinking, slow down your response time for things that don't take care of emotional well being as well as physical.

Physical not Social

It's easy to get into panic response mode, our brains are wired to do that in these times. But they are also wired for connection so connect, remember people will need to disappear without explanation a fair bit. If you are starting to spiral into worry, connect connect connect and remember everyone is on their own journey so connect without judgement.

Make online a supportive, creative and scientific space.

Venting about dickheads to your friends is useful and should be done in small doses. Try not to become a trigger happy angry ball and don't confuse social media for social closeness.

Be selective about who your information sources are, follow what you need to, what will lift your spirits and keep you properly informed? Don't get into online debates outside of your area of expertise, they will increase your anxiety and you don't need it.

Make new daily/weekly connecting habits, start now.

Have you noticed a shift in the conversations we are having, I'm loving the daily ritual of video calling my parents. Checking in on each others emotional well-being is not relegated to the world of hippies anymore.

Think about who you want to connect with to support or for support... or even better - both! Pay attention to the control freaks in your life, they are struggling with all sorts of demons right now and need reassurance!

Listen better

Lets try and keep our eyes and hearts wide open and listen deeply to a vulnerable world. Some of my coaching mentors have given me tips for deep listening:

  • Before you speak, ask yourself "WAIT - Why am I talking?"

  • Between an event and a reaction there is a pause.

  • Clear is kind.

I'm great with vulnerable and here if you need x Sarah


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