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Finding your "thing"

I've had a few clients come to me because they don't know what their "thing" is and feel all sorts of guilt and shame around that. Worrying about not knowing your "thing" can start early and wreak havoc if left unchecked.

The worry may not stem from hating your job, life can be pretty good all things considered and yet "thing" worry hangs around. It may be because you chose security over risk at some point and are missing adventure. It may be because of the invisible wall of critics watching your performance yelling at you to do more and be more ... bastards, try to ignore them, they aren't real you know?

For 20 years Film and TV and events were my bread and butter and I felt edgy about what my old lady job was going to be. I simply didn't have the physical constitution for 11 hour days, I've got a family and I ended up with too many warring significant commitments. The arts can be tough like that and I had a lotta "thing"worry.

So I went back to Uni and moved into business development in the start up and social enterprise sector, because thats SO secure and sustainable right? ;) At the Australian Centre for Dialogue I found and fell in love with coaching and instantly saw how I could make the world a better place - I found my "thing".

When you find your "thing", you'll know the only reason you found it is because of everything that came before. The trick is to find ways to keep "thing" worry away, I can help with that. The average age for Australian women is 84.6 years, stop panicking - you've got time.

A career is an evolution not a "thing".


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