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    You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club...


    Jack London

    I help people get on top of their game so they can be game changers

    There's this inspirational space where people, resources and bold ideas struggle to meet. After twenty-five years freelancing across arts and business I've gathered lots of tools and want to share the good bits from both to get people and ideas moving! 

    Coaches help humans be and do more, where else do you get the undivided attention of a professional who knows your world with no agenda other than to help you look and move forward to where you want to be?  The Boltcutter started as a natural career progression and is now a mission. ​

    Meet Desi my business partner. Desi is developing an insta fanbase #desithenut and hanging out in the office watching me work.

    It's all about you - but if you must know - here's all about me.

    I'm an ICF credentialed coach and LOVE coaching, working out what makes people tick, what their values and ambitions are and discovering ways to realise vision. I get a buzz out of seeing  good people powering. My training includes a Bachelor of Dramatic Art, Post-graduate Certificate in Business Management, Diploma in Life Coaching and a Diploma in Professional Coaching. 

    Starting as a stage/production manager in the 90's my career morphed into film and television, major public events, startups, government, retail and marketing design, project management, academia and social enterprise. I've loved it all. I know what it is to try and balance mental and physical health with a career in unstable boom and bust work environments. I've got a young family, had my share of health crises, and overcome more than my share of bad habits!


    The common thread? I enable people's creative vision, as a personal coach it's what I still do. 

    The AIPC is a high quality ICF accredited training providor. We like each other.

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    I am bound by the ICF Code of ethical conduct. Click on the logo to see what this means for you