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"When I started working with Sarah I was a shell of a human and ready to crawl under a rock and hide.  

A combination of big picture thinking, values assessment and weekly systems and structures that organise my tasks and thoughts has meant I can actually manage it all. Sarah has pushed and challenged me and I am eternally grateful for these life long skills"

Founder and Director, No Lights no Lycra

My coaching sessions with Sarah have been full of mental shifts and realisations. I have definitely gained clarity where there was a dense opaque sheet of mental fog.

Genevre - Artist & Studio Manager

After a series of exercises, real focus and talking ideas through, Sarah helped me clarify my goals and the values important to sustaining my life, family and artistic career.


Developing a structure to determine whether opportunities, both planned and unplanned, equate with my values and goals has simplified my decision making process and given me clarity. ​

Award winning photographer and lecturer
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Sarah was an amazing coach for me helping me make a plan for something I had been striving to address and move forward with


Her sessions provided great reflection and I left with a clear focus on how to progress. We had many laughs too!

Art Director, film and TV

Sarah helped me determine what I really wanted out of life. And then, most importantly, we made a path past all the stupid distractions and started working out real, practical ways to get there. One of the most useful things I've ever done.

Award winning illustrator
Karen image.jpeg

Sarah’s coaching is focussed, pragmatic and insightful. Drilling down to what’s important, helping to untangle a jumble of thoughts and gently encouraging the barriers to be defined and to look beyond the hurdles,

Sarah is a strategic enabler. I walked away feeling self-inspired and hopeful; I’ll be back. 

CEO, The Hunter Writers Centre

So I quit my day job to be a full time writer and then my son got sick and life turned upside down. My priorities changed and so did my available time.


When life got this confusing I wanted someone to help me make decisions and find direction. Sarah was understanding, tough, and became a great co-pilot at a time I really needed.

Educational Leader
Director, Perth Theatre Trust

 Sarah’s guidance in time management and clarifying values and priorities has helped me immeasurably and set me on a great path to success, at home and in my business.  Her authenticity and non-judgemental nature make her a pleasure to work with.


Sarah asked me questions I have never been asked before, about the reality of achieving my ambitions whilst  navigating the real life, not-so-romantic stuff like feeding the family and keeping a roof over our heads . She helped me gain clarity, become unstuck and take the right steps forward. 


I feel so great about my future, and am changing the habits of a lifetime to make it happen.  Scary stuff, and exhilarating too!

Business Manager, Murray Arts


​With a killer combo of imagination, humour and organisational chutzpah, Sarah helped me to crack open some shut-down thinking I had running, suss the lay of the land, and see the horizon. Bolt cut.

Truly vocational...

Bernard - Cardigan Comics

I'm an ICF Coach and an insight junkie. Call for a chat, I won't bite.

Me - Breaker of chains, sadly no dragons...
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