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    testing the water

    Up to 30 minutes phone or video call.  

    If you think you need Bolt Cutting or are just curious about the process book in a call.

    Commitment free!

    My gift to you



    a row

    In this fun fiery little 6 week program we start with an audit of your values, goals, habits, personal and professional identity 


    Then we go back to basics, we work out what's important now for your future. 

    You walk away with simple decision making frameworks, space, time and attention for the things that matter most to you. 



    game changer

    An overhaul for your life, career, business or all of them. In this program I am your personal coach for 3 months. Imagine the possibilities ...

    Get confident in your future with

    plans for change 

     energy for the things you love

    tools to get on with it all

    a creative-thinker to support you